Radion Screen Pen Doodler CD-Ejector

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trennova?

Trennova is a website that offers easy-to-use utilities and tools to enhance your digital experience.
Trennova products are designed for ease-of-use as we strive for simplicity of software and interaction.


Are Trennova products free?

Trennova products can be used freely for 30 days.
After 30 days, the products continue to work for free but have limited functionality.
For fully functional products you'll have to buy them.

Are Trennova Products safe?

Trennova products do not carry any adware or malware.
All products have been extensively tested for stability & integrity.

Will my computer run Trennova products?

If your computer's operating system is Microsoft Windows XP, if it has Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
or above installed & if it has sufficient disk space for software installation,
your computer is ready for Trennova Products.


How do I check if my computer has Microsoft .Net Framework ?

Trennova products need Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or above. Microsoft .Net Framework is a
prerequisite for many application software. It's possible that your computer does not have
Microsoft .Net installed. You can check for .Net on your computer using this small utility.

If .Net is not installed please download and install by clicking here. New Window


If I click on the 'Buy' button, why do I get redirected to another webpage?

Trennova products are sold through Kagi, the secure online payment gateway.
So when you click on the 'Buy Now' button we automatically take you to the Trennova store on Kagi.

I have a problem with a Trennova Product. How do I report it?

We have taken great care to make Trennova products work seamlessly on most computers.
However, since software issues are numerous and sometimes machine dependent,
we would like to look into your specific problem in detail.

Kindly send a detailed description of the problem you are facing to Trennova Support
along with your telephone number.
We'll get in touch with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.



Select music from nine genre stations. Choose your music and have it on all the time.

Screen Pen

6 Colour Pens, Highlighters, Magnifier, Pointer, Eraser and 2 backgrounds in a convenient tray always on your desktop.


Doodle away on your computer monitor! Just pick a pen & write, draw or doodle. A must for every desktop!


Automatically ejects a CD/DVD from the drive when shutting down. No more ‘Oops, I forgot to eject the CD!’